Award Winners

 Title First Name Last Name Institution/Organization Country Domain Subdomain/Subject/Service Area Selected for
DrSALMAAREVA UNIVERSITY, Bangalore, Karnataka, INDIAIndiaotherLubrication, MHD, Heat & Mass transferBest Researcher Award
DrPREETIBHATTKumaun University NainitalIndiaotherPrebiotic Chemistry/ Chemical Evolution and Origin of Life on EarthBest Researcher Award
ProfAhmedHassaneinPurdue UniversityUnited StatesotherAdvanced Nanomaterials and NanotechnologyBest Researcher Award
Prof DrGuerinoMazzolaUniversity of MinnesotaUnited StatesotherMathematical Music TheoryBest Researcher Award
DrHosseinYazdani AhmadabadiUniversity of TehranIranGeneral relativityScreening models and neutrino oscillationsTop Researcher Award
Assist Prof DrSaadiaMumtazUniversity of the PunjabPakistanGeneral relativityBlack holes, Wormholes, Stars, Modified theoriesWomen Researcher Award
DrHassanGonabadiROSEN UK ltdUnited KingdomotherHarnessing tidal energyBest Researcher Award
MrHassanGonabadiROSENUnited KingdomGeneral relativityHarnessing tidal EnergyBest Paper Award
Prof DrmohamedBakryAin Shams University, Cairo, EgyptEgyptSpecial Relativity and General RelativityCosmology; Stability; Singularity; Field equationsBest Paper Award
Assoc Prof DrMohammadShahriariUniversity of MaraghehIranIntroduction to Gravitational Wavesfractional Bogoyavlenskii equationsBest Researcher Award
MsMadhukrishnaChakrabortyJADAVPUR UNIVERSITYIndiaSpecial Relativity and General RelativityMODIFIED GRAVITY THEORIES AND SINGULARITIESYoung Scientist Award
DrGunjanVarshneyHMR INSTITUTE of TECHNOLOGY and MANAGEMENT, DELHI-110036IndiaSpecial Relativity and General RelativityDark energyBest Researcher Award
MrAramBrzoUniversity of SulaimaniIraqGravitational wave cosmologyQuantum Gravity and CosmologyBest Researcher Award
DrAngelValeraUniversitat Politecnica ValenciaSpainotherRoboticsBest Researcher Award
ProfJohnStillwellUniversity of LeedsUnited KingdomotherRegional ScienceBest Researcher Award
MrRezaReihanisaransariUniversity of HoustonUnited StatesotherOptical ModulationBest Researcher Award
DrABIOLAILORIUniversity of KwaZulu-NatalSouth AfricaGravitational wave sourcesRadioactivityExcellence in Research
DrAnnasahebMoholkarShivaji University, KolhapurIndiaotherMaterial Science, Supercapacitor, Water Splitting, Bio-SensorBest Researcher Award
Assoc Prof DrManojKumarStarex UniversityIndiaIntroduction to Gravitational WavesGravitational WavesBest Researcher Award
DrSuganyaVelliyanS S N College of EngineeringIndiaotherPhysics - Material Science - Photocatalysis - Heavy Metal Ions sensing in treated waterBest Researcher Award
 Title First Name Last Name Institution/Organization Country Domain Subdomain/Subject/Service Area Selected for


Dr . Yifan Zhang , Beijing Normal University , China , Best Researcher Award

International Research Awards on Gravitational Waves

International Research Awards on Gravitational Waves is an annual event that recognizes outstanding contributions to the field of gravitational wave physics and astronomy. The awards ...
are presented to researchers from around the world who have made significant contributions to the discovery, detection, and interpretation of gravitational waves.

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